Tyres.gr is an online store where users can find and order a variety of high-quality tyres at very competitive prices and with excellent support, including free shipping and installation at the automotive workshop which supports the web store. The assignment was to design a logotype that mainly visualises the safety which comes from the expertise and the experience of the people behind the website and at the workshop since correct tyre selection and installation are extremely important for the smooth and safe functionality of the car.

The logomark is a combination of the tyre's basic shape – the circle, the magnifying lens – for the search functionality of the web shop, and the tyre bolt – for the automotive workshop behind the whole thing. The result is a solid, trustworthy symbol that is both easy to remember and inexpensive for reproduction.

Looking around at other logos in the tyre sector, I noticed that most of them used italic typography, which is a common, visual trick to illustrate speed and movement. Since the main goal was to visualise safety and experience, I needed to find a font that is stabile enough with good "contact" to the ground and a touch of "classic wisdom". The solution was Britannic, a century-old but timeless typeface that perfectly combines the stability of the tyres and the experience of the people without appearing boring in a modern context.