Städa Sverige

Stockholm - 2014

There is one thing that is more inspiring than a clean environment and that is the young, caring and responsible people who work hard to keep it clean. Städa Sverige is a nonprofit organization, the most successful in Sweden in terms of operations. For 20 years, they have helped keep the Swedish environment clean with the aid of active young people. Their new campaign, Städastranden (Clean the beach), is a national environmental project involving hundreds of associates across the country every year.

Their goal was to engage and educate the youth via an e-learning competition with useful information and many prizes. My contribution to this project was the art direction, user interface design, info-graphics design and the design of the diploma for the winners, while Houdini Group managed, organized and developed the e-learning structure and the video production.

Designed for Houdini Group.

Téo Pavlidis is a
freelance graphic designer registered in Malmö, Sweden,
with 14 years international experience in graphic design.