Spiritmuseum - Klubbkids

Stockholm - 2014

Open source based app interface design for the installation "Klubbkids under 150 år", autumn-winter 2013.

The installation is a cooperation between the Spritmuseum and Berns one of the most famous bars in Stokcholm which celebrates 150 yearts jubileum. Here the visitors can experience the clubculture through stories, meet the nightlife's biggest and more challenging personalities, those who can make us to dance more, party longer and make us go home early in the morning. This app is a part of the installation and designed so the user can navigate and see the 16 film-stories of each personality on the iPad stand.

The Museum of Spirits is a unique destination located in Stockholm’s two remaining 18th-century naval buildings on the island of Djurgården. With a focus on the Swedish people’s bittersweet relationship to alcohol, the museum exhibitions will take you on an unforgettable journey from pain to pleasure, from park bench to cocktail party, based on art, scenery, experience, scents, and tastes… Rarely has an afternoon soaked in alcohol yielded so many wise insights.

See the video about the installation here. (the app appears at 01:04)