Lloyd Language Services

Malmö - 2012

Jenifer Lloyd is a highly experienced English language consultant, specialising in creative solutions. Her services include copywriting, translation, editing, post-editing and proofreading in US, UK and International English.

She contacted me because she needed a new, professional look for her company's visual communication in order to stand out in the demanding and highly competitive market. The logotype had to reflect the text specialisation, seriousness and professionalism that the company provides to the clients as well as the creativity and the friendly person behind the brand.

Taking a look on some proofreading examples provided by her was enough inspiration to start developing the concept. Seeing how Jenifer "handled" the texts revealed the possibilities of using the yellow highlighter and the handwritten notes/corrections. The gray notes are not made to be completely legible but to add a sense of handmade intervention to the text like most text experts usually do when working on a printed copy. I used Helvetica to simulate Arial, as the most commonly used font in MS Word texts.

The name has been highlighted in the classic yellow marker using the bold height in order to stand out even when the colour is not visible (lighting or technical issues, colour blindness etc.).