Clever Click Interactive is a web design agency in Sweden owned by Michael Baggelin, a frontend developer specialising in information architecture and search engine optimisation (SEO). The goal was to create a brand new and fresh visual identity that reflects professionalism and trust.

I immediately focused on the initials of the words "Clever" and "Click" because I could create an interest complex with them, however I had to be careful to stay away from common "clichés" in order to make something as unique as Michael's company and yet keep it simple, as any logo must be.

After many sketches testing the position and the orientation of the two letters, I decided to create a complex of the one into the other, since the client, when referring to his company, tends to use one word instead of two (Cleverclick). The underline indicates the text links, the most important element in SEO engineering. The square with rounded corners finishes the composition with a reference to the web button, while the blue colour is the default colour for web links.



Téo Pavlidis is a
freelance graphic designer registered in Malmö, Sweden,
with 14 years international experience in graphic design.